Closet Intervention

Tired of standing in front of your closet for what feels like an eternity trying to figure out what to wear each day? Or, rifling through hangers of clothes trying to find what fits, you still like to wear, or feels like your style?  Have items with the tags still on them that you never wear?  Sound like you?

Together we will start by taking an objective look at your wardrobe and make decisions on what to keep, what to donate, what needs altering, and what to build on. We'll create new outfits with the clothes you already have!  No more guessing what fits.  No more guessing what pieces go with what pieces. No more rotating those couple of "uniform" outfits because they are easy and you know they'll fit.  No more stress!

The Style Match offers an array of services that can be used independently or mixed and matched to fit your particular needs. During your 30-minute complimentary consultation, we will discuss some basics about image, identify your goals, and determine which of the services can help you meet those goals. We’ll then put a plan together and let the magic begin!

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The end result will be:

  • 6-10 coordinated outfits with your current wardrobe
  • A list of suggested items to complement existing pieces
  • A closet that only has the clothing items that make you look and feel your very best and suit your lifestyle needs
  • A Look Book of your wardrobe outfit selections (additional option)

Personal Shopping


I offer speaking or training that is fun, educational, and customizable to meet your group's needs.

Hate to shop? Don’t have the time? Get overwhelmed every time you walk into a mall? Need someone to help you that will give you an objective opinion and not just try to make a sale?  What do you need?

  • An outfit for a special occasion?
  • Want to find coordinating pieces to go with your existing wardrobe?
  • Weight has changed and you need transitional pieces?
  • Going back into the workforce or changing careers?
  • Venturing back into the dating scene?
  • Want to find those unique pieces to pull your personal style together?

 I love to shop, and can shop with you or for you!

Figure Analysis

Let’s face it...very few people were born with model-like figures. For the rest of us, choosing the right clothing can draw attention to our positive features and camouflage our challenges. During our work together I will guide you through the process of determining your body's shape and educate you on what style, fabrics, textures and patterns will be most flattering on you.  Equipped with this information your next shopping venture will be much easier, productive, and fun!                                   

Personal Style Assessment

Does your outer look convey the inner you? Do you know what your style is?  Are you Dramatic, Classic, Sporty, Creative, Alluring, Feminine, Elegant, or maybe a combination?  Using  a process called,  "Discover Your Style From the Inside Out", Danean will help you bring to light your unique personal style.