Lynn Sechrest, Allied Input:

“Over the past 20 years, I have been working in the corporate world doing research and advisory services. Six months ago, I left the corporate world and started my own business and needed a powerful, professional look. As I promote my new business, Danean has worked with me to develop and implement the look I need to impress my prospects and clients so they will talk with me and do business.”

Patti Glick, Business Consultant:

"I have known Danean for over 15 years -- personally as well as professionally. Her overall appearance is approachable, impeccable, tasteful, and stylish without looking overdone. She has a real flair for color and style that she expresses in make-up selection and application. Danean is finally expanding her services to include Image Consultation. She is insightful in creating unique looks that reflect her client's personality and taste, working within their budget. She assesses and utilizes existing clothing, helps you let go of pieces that don't compliment your shape or coloring, and shops for what you need. You even get your closet organized in the process! Then she pulls it all together with make-up and accessories to create a look that shouts "success!" If you're thinking about elevating your professional image, I encourage you to set up a consultation with Danean to find out more. You'll be glad you did!

Julie Scopazzi, Strategic Marketing Service:

“The advice I received from Danean at The Style Match was invaluable. She helped me select the right style of clothes for my body shape giving me more confidence in my appearance. Danean also gave me a make-up makeover helping me choose updated colors that complimented my complexion. She is extremely professional and I would recommend her to anyone who wants to improve their appearance.”

Joyce Cisper, Independent CAbi Consultant:

“Danean, it was a pleasure to receive your services! It was clear from the moment you opened your door that you were there to help me discover the art of how color would work for me. I truly appreciated the tips for make-up application. In fact, an old colleague of mine commented on how great I looked from top to bottom. As you know, I have a distinct line of clothing that I wear, so your choices in colors enhanced and completed my look. I was very impressed with your expertise. I went away with the exact choices that you had made for me. The whole experience was comforting, convenient, and relaxed. Thank you so much for your attention to detail and genuine care for my personal style. You are a consummate professional.”

Ellen Brigham, Cisco Project Manager:

“Danean has been helping me to rework my wardrobe to become more appropriate for a mid-level management position. She has provided guidance on color, style, fit and combinations of appropriate jackets, pants and shirts. She has been efficient, to the point and clear. Under her guidance I have quickly edited my existing work clothing to better suit the appearance needed. We had a productive shopping trip where new articles were added to provide more formal options when a suit is required. Danean has been supportive and encouraging during this process. Finding things that fit properly can be a challenge for me and she has handled the task with grace and a sense of  humor. Most importantly, Danean has suggested and selected items which I would not have been able to identify for myself. This has helped me to move past the unsatisfactory state I was in previously. I would recommend Danean for any woman who is looking to upgrade her professional image through attire and appearance.”


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