Tips on How to Dress While Losing Weight

Some people say they won’t buy any new clothes until they have reached their goal.  However, once you’ve lost 10-15 pounds that usually translates into going down one full size.  For some this means needing to purchase a few new clothing pieces. Putting off buying new clothes until you've reached your ideal weight is not always the best idea.

The last thing you want to do is keep reaching for those same old baggy clothes once you have lost significant weight. It’s rewarding to see and feel how much weight you’ve dropped, but continuing to wear these clothes actually will make you look dumpy!  And, after all your hard work that’s the last thing you want. Allow yourself to celebrate your slimmer shape and purchase a few inexpensive items in a smaller size. Shop at discount stores such as Kohl’s, Nordstrom Rack, TJ Maxx and even Goodwill where you can find inexpensive basic pieces that you can wear while you transition in size.

When shopping for new clothing go for a good fit as opposed to what size is on the label.  One manufacturer’s 14 could be a 16-18 in another’s. “Vanity sizing” is very misleading as well.  What once was considered a size 10 is now labeled a 6.  So, try everything on until you find the proper fitting garment and ignore the size on the tag.

As you grow out of your “big girl” clothes start removing them from your closet.  Donate them for someone else to use.  Leaving them in your closet is admitting that you don’t trust yourself to keep the weight off.   

If you have a favorite garment you don’t want to part with it can usually be altered one size.   So, if you have quality pieces you’d like to continue to wear it’s worth taking them to your tailor.

Stick to dark, neutral colors and simple, basic pieces.  A dark skirt or pair of pants can be worn in a variety of ways to create new outfits.  Create a slimming look by pairing them with a like colored blouse or jacket.  Add a touch of bright color near your face to draw attention upward.

Use accessories such as jewelry and scarves to give your current wardrobe a new look.

Choose fabrics wisely.  Thick or bulky textured fabrics will add pounds to your look.  Go for fabrics that skim over the body and softly follow your curves. Avoid fabrics that are over-Spandexed or clingy, as they will magnify any lumps or bumps.

Wear shoes that have an elongated or pointed toe to lengthen the leg and create a slimmer look.  Avoid styles that have ankle straps or square-toes, as these will make your feet look squatty and your legs shorter.

Dress according to your body type.  This way you’ll be accenting the positive and camouflaging the challenges. For example, if you are a triangle shape (your hips are wider than your shoulders) your goal will be to emphasize your upper body to balance with the lower..  A good choice for you would be wearing light or bright colors and structured jackets on top and dark, neutral colors on the bottom.

Avoid styles that are boxy.  Look for semi-fitted styles, particularly those with princess seaming that are more flattering and slimming.

Get a new handbag that is the right proportion for your size.  Just as a huge purse on a tiny women looks humorous so does a tiny purse on a larger women. 

Try out a new hair color or style.  Get your makeup done by a professional.  Treat yourself to a manicure, pedicure, or facial as a reward for every 5-10 lbs. lost.

When you have reached your goal weight hire a professional image consultant that can help you identify your new style.  Have a personal shopper at a department store or your image consultant take you shopping to find clothes that fit and flatter your new shape and color selections that compliment your skin tone, hair, and eyes.  Let them know that you have lost weight and are currently looking to find some quality basic pieces and will eventually need to replace your entire wardrobe.  Make sure you tell them your budget so they can ensure that you get the most for your money.

And, last but not least, smile; it’s your best asset! 

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